Responsible Investing Report 2020

Because it matters and it works.

Responsible investing lies at the heart of our investment beliefs. Our Responsible Investing Report reveals the philosophy behind our approach, shows how and why we invest, and proves that we ensure the assets entrusted to us make a difference.


What can you expect?

Among other topics, this report explains our Responsible Investing Framework and how we apply it, including our engagement and voting progress. It explores a wide range of sustainability topics, such as up-and-coming trends and how Covid-19 and the EU sustainable finance regulations could impact responsible investing. Further, it provides an overview of our offerings and incorporates a wide range of interviews and behind-the-scenes articles that explain our philosophy and approach.

Overview of chapters:

1. 2020 highlights
2. Our Responsible Investing Framework
3. Governance and teams
4. Market trends in responsible investing
5. Investment restrictions
6. ESG integration
7. Engagement
8. Voting
9. Transparent reporting
10. Investment strategies
11. About NN IP

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